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Currently building a web app. I'm at SO/SE sites with the goal of learning something new every day.

Things I like/use include: camelCase, OOP, HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP(5), (My)SQL, PDO, xdebug, APC, XHPRof, Javascript, jQuery + jQuery UI, JSON, redis, Git, PHPUnit, node.js, Twitter Boostrap, Modernizr, Common sense

Things I dislike/don't use include: under_scores, XML, spaghetti code, gotos, architecture astronauts, etc

I also used to do: VB6, VB.NET, C/C++, x86 Assembly, Motorola 68K Assembly; but I forgot most of it since I haven't touched them in years.

Like my stuff? A couple of mBTCs are always welcome: 19xQFJabE9ga4kjnKTV94JTirnjy9TKNN9