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Self-Acquired Coder

I first begun coding when I was 9 years old attending to my first computer summer camp. I gained my interest and developed a passion in coding after discovering my ability to understand the complex language behind information technology, exposed to my first two languages; Basic & Pascal. Thereafter, I acquired an addition language at a time through years until today. As of today, I excel in reading, understanding, and writing scripts in various languages, and even combining multi-languages to create a dynamic app that involves interactive exchanging of data.

On personal time, I still opt to read 'view source' first before navigating a website/app.

At several occasions, I took an introductory course in programming with a specific language, I often was told that I already know the materials and do not belong to the course that I signed up for, but to higher level of education in the field. Every time when an instructor discovered that my knowledge in coding were self-acquired, he pointed out that I do not need to pursue any further education in programming field because I already have natural ability and tools in learning & mastering a new language that may surface in future. Instead of further education, I was encouraged to pursue toward in networking with programmers and the development field.

7 years later after I wrote my first syntax, I built my first customized CPU system, and thereafter to today, all of my hardware and server equipment are self-built, which in turn prompted me to expand my expertise further which led me to learning to code a server-sided scripts, and mastered working with Linux, domain, name server, WindowsNT/Server, router administration, TCP/IP (port triggering/forwarding), NAT/Firewall (iptables) management, and such relating to networking.

Then rest of everything came into one place: my passion for coding.

Refer to LinkedIn profile for more details on my background.