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Currently employed as Software Build Engineer and very much proficient in subversion and lately git. Had some sysadmin experience (4 years+) and codes mostly in shell(bash) but is now also proficient in Perl(I still need to Google some solutions but I could now think in Perl). I could read a python code but don't rely on me to troubleshoot it(I'll learn about it later).

Experience with open source systems is in installation and usage...most familiar with CentOS and Ubuntu, Apache, PHP and has a bit of knowledge in Qmail and MySQL. Virtualization experience is mostly in VMWare (the free version), Oracle VirtualBox and Parallels.

I don't hate Microsoft Windows but I just like a Unix-like system (and I run cygwin now by the way) so I'm kinda at home with the CLI regardless of OS.

Been experimenting with golang lately and loving it :)