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In the 10+ years since graduating from University I found my passion is not to endlessly code but to work with the data to release its value; to help users find the power of the data within systems and to protect and monitor this information extracted from the data, even if it means coding sometimes ;)

My Stack profiles contain some unusual questions as well as some very highly rated ones. Somehow Sharepoint, despite being rarely used daily, is my best performing site which mirrors the varied nature of my working career.

Primary interests / technologies

  • SQL & SQL Server
  • SSRS and Reporting
  • Data and data management
  • C# and related .Net code

Business areas

  • Engineering, Oil & Gas
  • Engineering, Chemical & Manufacturing
  • Startups, Internet & data management
  • SME bespoke .Net development
  • Pubs & license trade, data management


I have worked internationally in Europe and the USA, regularly working at client offices but would much prefer remote working where possible.