The Server Fault blog RSS feed always comes up twice in Google reader (with different timestamps)...The stackoverflow blog rss doesn't do this...anyone else have this problem?

From my screenshot, this began happening on the 9th of december...My first guess is that this is just google reader being weird...

This is the feed url from google reader: http://blog.serverfault.com/rss

alt text

Edit following Zoredache's answer
Showing that the body is different... alt text


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I have seen this in other feeds occasionally as well. It appears to be a 'feature' of Google reader. If I understand it correctly, it appears that if an item in the feed is modified you will see both the original version and the updated version as separate items.

You can even see it if you look at the two RRD posts, they have a different timestamp, and if you open them you will see slightly different body.

So the simple fix would be for Kyle/George to never make any errors and post a perfect version the first time. :p


The RSS reader in Opera isn't having this problem.

  • I'm presuming at this stage that it is google reader... Commented Jan 21, 2011 at 0:05

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