Is there any way to display questions (and all the answers) that a particular user has answered. That is, select all the questions that a particular person has answered and display 10 (or whatever number) of questions and all the answers per page. Since I'm hoping for the world here, being able to specify a user and a tag would be even better.

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Does searching for user:nnnn [tag] do what you want? e.g.

user:6177 [vms]

cliky linky


You could try to run a query on the StackExchange Data Explorer:


I'm not very familiar with the database scheme, but this could be a start:

select top 10 q.Id, q.Title, q.CreationDate, a.Id, ...
from Posts a, Posts q
where a.OwnerUserId = <USERID>
and q.Id = a.ParentId
order by q.CreationDate desc

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