I was doing a google search on something and found the Admin's Goodies site seems to be a live (not from the quarterly creative-commons dump, there are items less than a day old) feed of answered SF questions.

I know that there are plenty of sites that do this with Wikipedia, and their license allows it, but I was a bit surprised to see this being done with a StackExchange site, and looking at the terms and conditions it doesn't seem this would be legal unless they had a license agreement or were using the quarterly CC dump.

Am I missing something, is this legal, or a clear case of infringement?

  • Side note, while the license you link to states that others aren't allowed to use SE content without express permission, but every page is tagged with a License Anchor linked to the CC By SA license. A lawyer would have to hash out which license takes precedence since they're conflicting...
    – Chris S
    Commented Feb 4, 2012 at 17:22
  • There are very good reasons why we close licensing questions. The main one applies here as well: We are not lawyers. Commented Feb 5, 2012 at 7:43

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To answer your question, it is legal if you do it right. There is a Meta.stackoverflow question that goes into some of the details, and gives a list of sites that do such:

Is it legal to copy Stack Overflow questions and answers?

That's an edge-case, though likely infringing. I'll poke some of the SE people who check into these things.

Edit: Looks like a bad site. Reported.

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