I was asked to review an edit on a tag which has only a single question. Turns out it is a duplicate tag because both and exist. Should I approve an edit to create a description on a duplicate tag, or should I reject the edit explaining that a merge is more appropriate?

Secondly, how could I get those two tags merged? Apparently I don't have sufficient reputation to even suggest that the tags get merged (either that or I don't know how to do it). I tried suggesting regexp as a synonym for regex, but I am not allowed to suggest that.

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    In all cases where you see tags that should be merged just drop them in a Question on meta. We'll clean it up. The official method of suggesting tag synonyms doesn't work on a site smaller than Stack Overflow. And there isn't enough volume to bother with it. Thanks!
    – Chris S
    Nov 30, 2014 at 3:40

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In a case like this, you should bring the tags to meta so that we can do this:

has been merged into and synonymized. Enjoy!

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