Is ServerFault the wrong place to ask for advice of ...

how should someone register/capture digital scam proof to be legally sustainable and enough for building a case with a Consumer Protection Agency or even to take it to the court

... about a matter upon a very probable scam from a hosting company?

The related question was this one: Nonexistent domain folder reappears with malware

Thanks in advance.

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    Yes... it is the wrong place... How is it that you think the SF community could assist or advise you on what you think is a legal matter? Even if any of us had an inkling about the legal machinations involved, our input would be anecdotal and non-authoritative and it would be unwise for anyone to heed such. If you really feel this is a legal matter then your best course of action would be to seek the council of an attorney who specializes in this area. – joeqwerty Mar 7 '17 at 4:18

You've had this thoroughly explained to you already, but just to reiterate:

Among other things Server Fault is not for:

  • End user technical support
  • Mass web hosting questions
  • Legal questions

Given the nature of your question, what you actually need is a lawyer. One who is in a law firm that has experience in this sort of thing. Unfortunately that is absolutely the best advice you will get anywhere on the Internet.

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