I'm quite new here so perhaps this happens more often but I noticed suddenly that lot's of questions are being asked on OpenEBS from new users (<10 reputation). Their names make me believe they're from India or so, at least all from the same region. Is this spam or is this more common in September when a new school year starts or ...?

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I hadn't thought of a recurrence of the eternal September but a lot of it has been dealt with by the community moderators.

It appeared as a pair accounts working in tandem and alternating posting the same questions and answers on both Stack Overflow and ServerFault.


You are definitely on to something. If you search for "OpenEBS", you will find only a dozen and half or so questions, but almost all of them from new users opening a "new" account in the last 8-10 days.

If you look at those user's posts in StackOverflow, you will see that each new user is dropping a barrage of questions and they are all on "OpenEBS."

Somebody is definitely running a scheme to promote OpenEBS. OpenEBS, by the way, is developed and ran out of India, and looking for funding.

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