I think that Ping device connected to host having LAN access is probably a very simple problem, but the OP is new to SF and isn't always providing the right information in a useful fashion. I think we're probably well beyond the point that comments are useful. I had hoped to engage the OP in chat, but because they are a new user with a 1 reputation they were unable to participate.

I understand the reason for that limitation, but I wish it were possible for them to participate in a chat by invitation from another user with sufficiently high reputation.

Are there any mechanisms available right now that would allow a new user to participate in chat?

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    It just takes 2 upvotes to get someone to the 20 rep they need to chat (I think that's the threshold). You obviously think it's a worthwhile question, so you could cast the first vote... Commented Oct 19, 2022 at 3:45


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