I am posting this as a new policy for ServerFault, but it has not yet been discussed among users or moderators of the site. It is a starting point for a policy, I fully expect it to evolve based on discussion here.

But as far as I'm concerned, answers generated by an AI such as ChatGPT are not appropriate here and will be dealt with expeditiously: answers will be deleted and accounts will be suspended.

Discussion on meta.SE about this.

Other recent questions about ChatGPT on meta.SE

I don't have - and I don't think the other moderators have - a lot of time to investigate possible AI posts, but at this point there are two signs that seem pretty reliable and will be used to decide if action is needed:

  • multiple posts, fairly lengthy, often on disparate subjects, in a short period of time
  • a positive score on this AI detector

Depending on how discussion on this post goes, moderators will be enforcing this policy when AI generated posts are detected - if you see posts that seem to fit, flag them and moderators will check, delete answers, and suspend accounts.

  • I suspect that the paucity of people actively moderating the site will mean that lots get through.
    – user9517
    Jan 11 at 10:36
  • @user9517 Yeah, probably, but at least any that does get flagged can be dealt with quickly. Jan 11 at 12:59

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I welcome such discussion as in my view such answers fall into the plagiarist’s category. (As the bot feed itself upon open source answers like on here to complete, but it give no attribution)

For such category, plagiarist, I know myself and community member tend to detect them when new, low rep users post outstanding answer. Its a common red flag to check the answer background. I thank you for the AI detection link which is handy to use to detect the AI portion.

If the community want to deal it like plagiarist I welcome the discussion

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