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FAQ Rewrite edit round 1

Since the FAQ as-written was not accepted, we get to have an edit round. The below is a grammar/spelling/punctuation checked version of the FAQ. The edit process: Proposed edits will be submitted ...
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Best 'restricted shell' question

This is one that crops up often: How to restrict the users' shell allowing to execute shell programs But is it the best example we can find of a 'canonical' question on which we can close ...
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Voting on the FAQ rewrite

The FAQ is a very, very important document. It forms the topical-foundation of ServerFault in the way that a constitution forms the foundation of a country's legal system. Because of this, changes to ...
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Our FAQ sucks (so let's fix it!)

OK folks, I have a serious case of FAQ envy. Because of This question I took a good long look at the DBA.SE FAQ for the first time since it came out of beta. Compared to what they've done the front ...
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Answering - a race [closed]

Question: Answerers may be under time pressure to answer first, reducing the quality of initial answers. How can this be mitigated? While the primary objective of this site may be to provide a ...

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