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Was this question wrongly marked as an exact duplicate?

I have a question about my Server Fault post: What file do I need to change so Apache won't say what Operating System I am using? Several users had marked it as an exact duplicate, so I tried to ...
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Is it time for a canonical question/answer on non-hostname-aware protocols?

After yet another question asking how to bring hostname-awareness for proxying purposes to a protocol that doesn't have any support for it, is it time for a canonical question on hostname-aware ...
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The highest rated question on this SE is a rant/opinion about an idiot; what does that tell me about asking good questions here? [closed]

The highest voted question on this SE is effectively a rant about a security auditor: Our security auditor is an idiot. How do I give him the information he wants? While I do find the Q&A ...
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Should a successful (but certainly perfectible) answer be made a community wiki?

I have written a answer that has become unexpectedly successful. But I don’t think my answer is perfect, and some users made suggestions for improvement. Would it be good practice to make this ...
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What information should I include or obfuscate in my posts?

This is a Canonical Question about the privacy of Server Fault and the needed detail to get an answer from the community. Is there any information other than a password that would be considered a ...
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Concrete question was closed with "too broad"

Just came through this thread: Difference between Microsoft ADCS Standalone CA and Enterprise CA For me the question doesn't look "too broad", because the answer is quite obvious for those who is ...
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What to do with XAMPP/MAMP/WAMP questions

It's generally known that it's a horrible idea to use these one-click LAMP stack installers for anything but local development. That said, with surprising regularity, we seem to get questions from ...
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Should I flag bottleneck identification problems as Capacity and Planning dupes?

There are lots of questions on ServerFault (2.3k as of this writing) about identifying bottlenecks. I just came across CPU overloaded but no proccess is using more than 1% when reviewing, and I'm not ...
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Can I open a question about licensing?

I would like to open a question about VMware Essentials Kits licensing but, searching through the community I've found this: Can you help me with my software licensing issue? Which lead me to ...
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Publish private Lan services over Internet

How to access my internal network services from outside my local network ? This is a redundant question i can see on SF, mainly regarding Web Server publication from Lan to Internet. From now, i ...
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Why are learning materials questions off-topic?

I asked a question looking for pointers to overview materials about VPNs, as opposed to product-specific documentation. It was very promptly closed as 'off-topic' on the grounds that "Questions ...
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Voting statistics on serverfault

I was wondering if there is some place that has voting statistics / general usage statistics on Serverfault. Possibly in relation to its closest sister sites: StackOverflow and Super User. I'm mostly ...
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Could someone let me know the reason for closure of my question?

I wanted to know the reason behind the closure of this question. The reason states the question is off-topic which surprises me because I happened to read a pretty similar question again in server ...
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Where can I find all Wiki Answers?

I'm currently looking through this site for research purposes, This may be very obvious to which I'll feel very stupid but I cant seem to find a way to see all wiki questions and answers together so ...
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Proposed changes to some help pages

In response to voretaq7's comment on an answer elsewhere, I'm here proposing some adjustments to the help and other text. I was looking for the following material, and managed not to find it, though ...

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