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Canonical question CW policy

I've noticed that some questions in the canonical answer list are CW and some are not. Is there a reason for this distinction? Should all canonical Qs be CW? If not, what is the criteria for this?
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Voting statistics on serverfault

I was wondering if there is some place that has voting statistics / general usage statistics on Serverfault. Possibly in relation to its closest sister sites: StackOverflow and Super User. I'm mostly ...
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Question closed as not constructive / locked

A question that had been asked about 3 years ago (Sep 11 2009) and that I answered last week as just been closed as not constructive: Functional implications of differences in SSL and TLS This is a ...
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Should a successful (but certainly perfectible) answer be made a community wiki?

I have written a answer that has become unexpectedly successful. But I don’t think my answer is perfect, and some users made suggestions for improvement. Would it be good practice to make this ...
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Where can I find all Wiki Answers?

I'm currently looking through this site for research purposes, This may be very obvious to which I'll feel very stupid but I cant seem to find a way to see all wiki questions and answers together so ...
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Should poorly researched, basic, but answerable questions be closed?

This question is, admittedly, incredibly basic. It is also something that I have to explain way more than I would like to some people. Just because the OP didn't put a lot of effort into researching ...
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Can I open a question about licensing?

I would like to open a question about VMware Essentials Kits licensing but, searching through the community I've found this: Can you help me with my software licensing issue? Which lead me to ...
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The highest rated question on this SE is a rant/opinion about an idiot; what does that tell me about asking good questions here? [closed]

The highest voted question on this SE is effectively a rant about a security auditor: Our security auditor is an idiot. How do I give him the information he wants? While I do find the Q&A ...
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Publish private Lan services over Internet

How to access my internal network services from outside my local network ? This is a redundant question i can see on SF, mainly regarding Web Server publication from Lan to Internet. From now, i ...
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Proposed changes to some help pages

In response to voretaq7's comment on an answer elsewhere, I'm here proposing some adjustments to the help and other text. I was looking for the following material, and managed not to find it, though ...
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Email Question that might not fit on SF

I am trying to find a cost effective approach to delivering a small volume of business emails, that offers a high rate of inbox deliverability. This question borders on a product recommendation, so I ...
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Dependency questions

I am seeing a lot of questions recently where people are seeking assistance with installing software - usually compiling from source, or installing an RPM. In my opinion these questions should be ...
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Concrete question was closed with "too broad"

Just came through this thread: Difference between Microsoft ADCS Standalone CA and Enterprise CA For me the question doesn't look "too broad", because the answer is quite obvious for those who is ...
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Could someone let me know the reason for closure of my question?

I wanted to know the reason behind the closure of this question. The reason states the question is off-topic which surprises me because I happened to read a pretty similar question again in server ...
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Addition of a technical FAQ

My apologies if this has been discussed, although searching through the history the only FAQ people refer to seems to be the About section. What is the community leadership's thoughts on adding a ...
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