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Addition of a technical FAQ

My apologies if this has been discussed, although searching through the history the only FAQ people refer to seems to be the About section. What is the community leadership's thoughts on adding a ...
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Why was my question closed as off-topic?

The question is about understanding a failure or fault of an SSD drive that is not total, and not predicted or visible in SMART. The FAQ for Server Fault says: "Server ... hardware, software ... ...
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Was this question wrongly marked as an exact duplicate?

I have a question about my Server Fault post: What file do I need to change so Apache won't say what Operating System I am using? Several users had marked it as an exact duplicate, so I tried to ...
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Best 'restricted shell' question

This is one that crops up often: How to restrict the users' shell allowing to execute shell programs But is it the best example we can find of a 'canonical' question on which we can close ...
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Should I flag bottleneck identification problems as Capacity and Planning dupes?

There are lots of questions on ServerFault (2.3k as of this writing) about identifying bottlenecks. I just came across CPU overloaded but no proccess is using more than 1% when reviewing, and I'm not ...
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