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What are the canonical answers we've discovered over the years?

We've created, appointed, or otherwise identified certain question/answer pairs that are the canonical answer for certain problems. These are answers where the community has said all it is going to ...
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Are we becoming too judgmental about questions relating to "professionalism"?

It seems odd to me that this question (Windows XP procedurally drop packets) is currently flagged for issues on being "professional." When did this site become so judgmental and only accept ...
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Formally changing the #4 migration target

Whereas, the migration statistics as discovered in this meta post show a demonstrated and ongoing trend of mod-only migrations to, and Whereas, Webmasters has not resided in the ...
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Voting on the FAQ rewrite, round 2

After a successful edit round, it is time to vote on the results. The text below is the edited text we've worked on for the past week. This will be open until UTC 0:00 Friday (3 days!) to gather ...
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Voting on the FAQ rewrite

The FAQ is a very, very important document. It forms the topical-foundation of ServerFault in the way that a constitution forms the foundation of a country's legal system. Because of this, changes to ...
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Can someone tell me why this question is voted to be closed? I'm sorry I asked the question as I thought it was related to SERVER, because I thought I should install some software package ...
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Reducing new users asking off topic questions

With reference to the proposed FAQ changes, I notice that more subjects have been added to the off topic section. As we know, many new users never read the FAQ, this is more than apparent by some of ...
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What's wrong with ServerFault community?

I'm a decentely active stackexchange contributor. I do not have massive reputation, but I consistently try to ask good questions, provide good answers, and moderate to provide my modest contibution ...
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What's off-topic; anything in a home setting, or anything that was designed for home use?

For our FAQ reshaping, I think we need to decide something: Do we hurl questions over to Super User based solely on using a consumer-oriented product, even when it's clear that that product is being ...
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Kill it with light mace: [windows-home-server] - or not?

Before I blow through a day's worth of flags on this, perhaps there's a better way. I believe that virtually no question with the windows-home-server tag belongs here. Here's a discussion on the topic ...
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Should we modify the FAQ to include policy subversion as explicitly Off Topic?

Based on some of the comments here I went and looked at the FAQ again. We've always, as far as I can remember, closed policy subversion questions as Off Topic. The question that brought this up is ...