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New close reasons - Proposals (July 2013)

As everyone should be aware by now, a new off-topic close dialog has been implemented network-wide. The new system offers us the opportunity to customize our off-topic close reasons, and This post is ...
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Abrupt change in moderation staff?

Myself and a few others just noticed that HopelessN00b and Chris S are no longer listed as moderators. What is the story behind this?
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What should Server Fault do with questions about web hosting control panels?

We've had this discussion before, but it's apparently time to revisit it. For some background, see: http://meta....
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Sick of "unprofessional" questions

I'm seeing SO MANY questions like this: How to get my server viewable from the internet? From the FAQ: Server Fault is for system administrators and IT professionals, people who manage or maintain ...
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In what circumstances should VirtualBox questions be on topic?

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization solution which is (now) supposedly targeted at "enterprise as well as home users" according to its web site. In the past, we've been mostly hostile to ...
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Answering your own question: officially encouraged and unofficially despised?

On every question page, including this one I'm writing on now, there is a relatively conspicuous link underneath the Post Your Question button, and it says Answer your own question - share your ...
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Why were my questions deleted and account suspended?

I was recently blocked from serverfault for 1 month. Apparently for asking questions (gasp). I have asked 5 questions over a period of many months, and all have been closed/deleted (all unfairly in ...
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How to decide where is the line between StackOverflow and ServerFault

My question in Serverfault just got down-voted and closed: My problem is right at the line between code and ...
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Proposed new language for FAQ

At the request of Stack Exchange staff --who like the changes I have proposed-- I am posting this here for discussion. The SF FAQ, in my opinion, is seriously flawed and really needs updating. Like ...
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Which other site should “unprofessional” people fly away?

I wrote a question two weeks ago, closed for not being professional enough. I tried to understand why it was closed, and i tried to make understand people that perhaps they were wrong closing it, and ...
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Question about Migrated post that was closed

I am a moderator at Drupal answers, and migrated this question to SF a few days ago. I migrated it because it didn't really have anything to do with Drupal or Drupal configuration. It is essentially ...
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VirtualBox question It seems silly to post about it here but the moderator insisted that I do so, which he ...
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Why do people think questions about cPanel/WHM is the same as questions about cPanel?

The 'off-topic' blah blah, warns of cPanel as being off topic, so it allows moderators to just brush by a post, see the word 'cPanel', and put on hold / etc on the fly. Yes, moderators rush through a ...
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