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Why close questions?

Why do people close questions here when they are not fully answered? Why is it not a real question to ask why a server stops running after one day and to ask for the reason? Why is it not possible to ...
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What AutoReviewComments have you come up with?

As many already know, there is a GreaseMonkey script call AutoReviewComments to automatically insert comment text for common situations. The stock comments are less than stellar in my opinion. What ...
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Is it ok to ask questions on setting up a torrent server?

I would like to help spread some legal content via torrents, to maintain its availability and help people find it if it will be deleted elsewhere. I need help understanding what kind of software do I ...
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Dealing With Questionable Actions Taken By Moderators

MS Terminal Server Blocking Website Access A few helpful people came to give it a shot. They specified what they needed clarified and I obliged. Then I had two moderators come around, that seemed ...
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Commenting on down votes?

It seems like we have a lot of new folks on the main site now, and every once in awhile I like to answer the "why did I get a downvote???" or "you hurt my feelings" or "you are elitists" type comments,...
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What Server Fault-specific advice should we give folks asking questions here?

As of a few weeks ago, the "unclear what you're asking" close reason now links to a page in the help center: The moderators here can edit this page to customize it. So my questions are, Should they ...
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How to ask correctly here on serverfault?

Please read the full question before downvoting. I am a very happy stackoverflow user, i also use quite a few other stackexchange sites with a very good feeling. On no other stackexchange site i ...
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Negative vote & comments

I noticed that it became common to see newcomer posts with negative votes, and no comments to explain it. Sometimes i even wonder why some good questions get downvoted without reason. Is there a ...
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Question closed, but it was a complete question that could be answered

So I have this question,, and it got closed. Here is an forum question related to what I'm asking (this first post tells it all)
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What is the etiquette here regarding duplicate posts?

I am having a problem with Powershell, so I came here as a resource to find an answer. I discovered an existing post that is very similar to my own problem here: WinRM will NOT work, error code ...
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What's wrong with my question?

Can anyone please kindly tell me what's wrong is my question? Why it's not a real question?
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How long should it take to write an SF question?

Apparently, I have form for not asking all that many questions on SF. Re-reading that meta question, I was struck by sysadmin1138's observation that My 'virtual question' count is a lot higher ...
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Why are all my FreeNX questions recieved so poorly

I read through a few of these meta questions about 'bad questions' I'm getting a sense peeps are fed up with bad questions get'n dumped on ya'll from StackOverflow--my guess. And reading the What ...
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How to Ask a Question

While I doubt the people who ask bad question read the help shown on the side when asking a question: How to Ask Is your question about managing information technology systems in a business ...
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Mis-closed question: I am a sys admin, this topic is "on topic", and I did perform research

I was directed to post my request for re-opening of a question from Comms Room here. The following question was closed as off-topic, but it is not off-topic as defined. "Questions must be relevant ...
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