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New close reasons - Proposals (July 2013)

As everyone should be aware by now, a new off-topic close dialog has been implemented network-wide. The new system offers us the opportunity to customize our off-topic close reasons, and This post is ...
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Can we do anything to change the dynamic of the site?

This came up in relation to the upcoming mod election, e.g. Dennis' question here, and tombull89's and Iain's comments here, but I think the discussion of this shouldn't be limited to "what do the the ...
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Should folks have to click through an interstitial page to ask questions on Server Fault?

A few weeks back, Jay and I had a nice conversation with voretaq7 and Chopper3 where we discussed and debated the various items raised by the community here in
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We should bring back the "question must show a minimal understanding" close reason

As per this discussion, the old "questions must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved" close reason has been replaced. However, questions such as this one (*) (and ...
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Should Server Fault stop accepting questions from unregistered users?

If you've read the front page recently, you're well aware that there's a large percentage of total crap on it. Indeed, more than a third of the questions posted in the last 60 days have been closed or ...
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How do I get better answers?

How do I get better answers? Or perhaps more accurately, How can I ask better questions? Specifically what kind of information are other system administrators looking for posters to provide in order ...
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2013 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Over-use of Off-Topic Closure

I'm getting more than a little tired of anything that can possibly be asked on some other site being marked as Off-Topic here. Since when is user account management off topic for SF? This one, for ...
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Do you have a checklist that can help me ask a better question?

This is a Canonical Question / FAQ Candidate to help our new users ask better questions, and hopefully get better answers. Similar questions: How can I ask better questions on Server Fault? ...
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Serverfault mods on a higher horse than stackoverflow (closing questions)

Edit (by MadHatter, not the original poster): before posting a response to this question, please read the entire thing, including the comments thread at the bottom. The OP deleted the original ...
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Rewriting "minimal understanding"

This current close reason is confusing and potentially misleading. Questions must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. Try including attempted solutions, why they didn't ...
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Question seeking tips and suggestions from technical experts closed, why?

Is this a shopping Question, It is not being locked or down-voted, I can say it is a shopping question but I won't as the user may have narrowed down his / her selection to two products and may be ...
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My question was "put on hold as off-topic"

I posted my question mac osx - Docker OS X - Is your docker daemon up and running? - Server Fault on ServerFault, yet my question was put on hold due to: put on hold as off-topic by kce, EEAA♦ 37 ...
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Why were my questions deleted and account suspended?

I was recently blocked from serverfault for 1 month. Apparently for asking questions (gasp). I have asked 5 questions over a period of many months, and all have been closed/deleted (all unfairly in ...
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How can I get people to fully read my question?

I'm having trouble with getting people who review my questions to read the entire question before answering! I've noticed that my most difficult questions on ServerFault usually end up with answers ...
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Why close questions?

Why do people close questions here when they are not fully answered? Why is it not a real question to ask why a server stops running after one day and to ask for the reason? Why is it not possible to ...
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What AutoReviewComments have you come up with?

As many already know, there is a GreaseMonkey script call AutoReviewComments to automatically insert comment text for common situations. The stock comments are less than stellar in my opinion. What ...
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Is it ok to ask questions on setting up a torrent server?

I would like to help spread some legal content via torrents, to maintain its availability and help people find it if it will be deleted elsewhere. I need help understanding what kind of software do I ...
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Dealing With Questionable Actions Taken By Moderators

MS Terminal Server Blocking Website Access A few helpful people came to give it a shot. They specified what they needed clarified and I obliged. Then I had two moderators come around, that seemed ...
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Commenting on down votes?

It seems like we have a lot of new folks on the main site now, and every once in awhile I like to answer the "why did I get a downvote???" or "you hurt my feelings" or "you are elitists" type comments,...
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What Server Fault-specific advice should we give folks asking questions here?

As of a few weeks ago, the "unclear what you're asking" close reason now links to a page in the help center: The moderators here can edit this page to customize it. So my questions are, Should they ...
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How to ask correctly here on serverfault?

Please read the full question before downvoting. I am a very happy stackoverflow user, i also use quite a few other stackexchange sites with a very good feeling. On no other stackexchange site i ...
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Negative vote & comments

I noticed that it became common to see newcomer posts with negative votes, and no comments to explain it. Sometimes i even wonder why some good questions get downvoted without reason. Is there a ...
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Question closed, but it was a complete question that could be answered

So I have this question,, and it got closed. Here is an forum question related to what I'm asking (this first post tells it all)
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What is the etiquette here regarding duplicate posts?

I am having a problem with Powershell, so I came here as a resource to find an answer. I discovered an existing post that is very similar to my own problem here: WinRM will NOT work, error code ...
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What's wrong with my question?

Can anyone please kindly tell me what's wrong is my question? Why it's not a real question?
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How long should it take to write an SF question?

Apparently, I have form for not asking all that many questions on SF. Re-reading that meta question, I was struck by sysadmin1138's observation that My 'virtual question' count is a lot higher ...
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Why are all my FreeNX questions recieved so poorly

I read through a few of these meta questions about 'bad questions' I'm getting a sense peeps are fed up with bad questions get'n dumped on ya'll from StackOverflow--my guess. And reading the What ...
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How to Ask a Question

While I doubt the people who ask bad question read the help shown on the side when asking a question: How to Ask Is your question about managing information technology systems in a business ...
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Mis-closed question: I am a sys admin, this topic is "on topic", and I did perform research

I was directed to post my request for re-opening of a question from Comms Room here. The following question was closed as off-topic, but it is not off-topic as defined. "Questions must be relevant ...
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