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Why must it always be this way? [duplicate]

You don't like the question, or you think no answer exists, so you slam some ridiculous cut and paste text that doesn't even remotely apply, and you put the question on hold. Go to any meta page for ...
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At what point do bounty questions become consulting or off-topic?

Not to pick on a specific question but with this question it seems that it has become more of a running dialog, akin to something a consultant and an organization would have when troubleshooting an ...
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What do we do about "Specifications" questions?

I've noticed an uptick in questions that are literally asking us to read the vendor's spec sheets to someone (There's PowerEdge 2950 hard disk , this weekend we had one asking what the address space ...
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Missed opportunity to provide a good answer to a less than ideal question?

First off, I'm not trying to start a pity party for myself, nor am I trying to be overly pedantic - please don't write off my comments as such. Also, to those who responded to the question, I'm trying ...
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"Server Fault is for system administrators... in a professional capacity"

I'm interested in soliciting opinions on the meaning of the phrase from the FAQ in the question title. I've just returned from an extended hiatus from SF, and I'm finding that a lot of the things ...
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Changing the FAQ: Home networks

One thing I've noticed in close-voting is that if the questioner mentions that what they're doing is in their home in any way, it gets voted off-topic. If it's about the network itself, it gets ...
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Sick of "unprofessional" questions

I'm seeing SO MANY questions like this: How to get my server viewable from the internet? From the FAQ: Server Fault is for system administrators and IT professionals, people who manage or maintain ...
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why was the question on dev server setup moved to SU?

Coming from question: How do I get Windows XP Professional upgrade to boot directly without having to choose it at startup? Why doesn't this question belong to SF? It seems to fall into 2 ...
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Fundamentals tag

This is related to the discussion here There seems to be a class of question that is more than one that would be asked by someone who really isn't a sysadmin or is just starting their career (where ...
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Why was my question about a MySQL Server Instance configuration moved to Super User?

The question, as it was on ServerFault can be found here and the SuperUser version can be found here. It's clearly server related - I'm trying to establish a local database server for use in ...
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