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"Not an answer" flag declined

I've asked a question with a bounty as below: Hot swapping physical disks passed through to a qemu VM The bounty has now expired and there is one answer, which I regard as basically an attempt to ...
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Guidelines for flagging answers

I already read When is an answer Not An Answer? and Moderation inconsistencies. It seems that bad answers are supposed to be just voted down, and indeed a few flags I have raised on bad answers have ...
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Rude or abusive flag denied on a flippant joke answer - What then is 'rude'?

In a question about a specific network-based exploit a user answered: I've always found that servers are least vulnerable to attack when turned off, removed from all networked systems, or otherwise ...
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Why was this NAA flag declined?

On the question How do I force sync the time on Windows Workstation or Server? this answer was posted. It clearly does not attempt to answer the question, so I flagged it NAA. My flag was declined ...
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your post was converted to a comment

a user asked a question and set bounty: Apache tries to access wsgi-rest parameters in DocumentRoot (AH01797) - Server Fault I posted my answered it (in hope to get bounty), yet few moments later, I ...
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Why does this count as a valid answer?

I came across a question asking the following: Recently, I have encountered a problem of limiting Internet Access to specific programs. Could anybody recommend a good way of doing that, without ...
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Why was this flag declined? [duplicate]

This is about a particular flag about this answer that got declined: is a good video. Start at ep 11 and work your way through the SSL bits....
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Why were my "not an answer" flags on these answers declined? What should I have done instead?

I came across these two answers to an old question, which to my mind are simply link-only answers. Hence, I flagged them as NAA to push them into the review queue for the more experienced members of ...
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Moderation inconsistencies

I flagged this deleted answer (unilaterally deleted by a moderator) for reopening, and gave the explanation "This answer is no worse than any others that have been left intact. It should be reinstated ...
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Disagree with a declined flag

I flagged this answer as NAA. The reasoning behind it being that it is clearly an attempted comment on the answer right below it. This flag has since been rejected for flags should not be used to ...
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In heaven complaining about hell

Dear Michael Hampton, Let me point out my opinion on your action. It is OK for you to delete something that is not an answer, if you really think it did not help to solve the in the first place you ...