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Why is rudeness tolerated? [duplicate]

I've noticed a few posters on serverfault that take potshots (ad hominem, or insinuations of stupidity) at people. This would seem to be in violation of: Always be polite and have fun It’s fine ...
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What IS a "professional capacity"?

This is part of a set of questions on how Server Fault defines "professional" system and network administration. For additional information, see: Why "professional capacity"? ...
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Why is there so much focus on low-quality questions at-large?

It's election time and I read a bunch of meta. I noticed that there seems to be a lot of focus by hi-rep users and moderators on low quality questions. Much of those discussions involve laments by ...
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Proposed change to Server Fault guidelines

Following up on the discussion here, I’d like to propose some changes to our help center guidelines to remove subjective language (particularly the “professional” part) and simplify things a bit, ...
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What is server fault for?

Ok, I can't understand what I am supposed to post on that stackexchange site as everything I post gets downvoted, this for stackexchanges general policies too. On stackoverflow I know I can post ...
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How can we recruit and retain more talent?

Tangentially related to another meta post, the last discussion about this was a while back, so it may be time to revisit this topic. The #1 answer in the chat was money, so that and fried chicken ...
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Are we becoming too judgmental about questions relating to "professionalism"?

It seems odd to me that this question (Windows XP procedurally drop packets) is currently flagged for issues on being "professional." When did this site become so judgmental and only accept ...
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Why SF is failing - the dismal future of ServerFault

This is a Canonical Question about the scope of Server Fault and the attitude of the community. This is in response to Questions to ask the SE staff regarding the future of ServerFault Why am I ...
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Is there recourse for abusive moderation?

I asked this question about yum and Apache, which is a perfectly fine question for this site. A site moderator stepped in and issued comments that were not helpful to answering the question as asked. ...
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What questions are on topic for ServerFault? What is the right thing to do if I asked an off-topic question?

Where can I read what kind of questions that are appropriate to ServerFault? One could think About page is such a place, but it is not. I have a couple of questions that were poorly received. I can ...
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Refusing to give teh codez, good or bad practice?

When trying to provide an answer, I sometimes found myself hesitant to provide the exact recipe that would be a solution for a particular problem. I think it is better (it has always been better when ...
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Serverfault mods on a higher horse than stackoverflow (closing questions)

Edit (by MadHatter, not the original poster): before posting a response to this question, please read the entire thing, including the comments thread at the bottom. The OP deleted the original ...
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Questions to ask the SE staff regarding the future of ServerFault

There is user concern regarding the direction ServerFault has been heading over the past year; in particular what some, myself included, see as a significant rise in inappropriate and bad questions ...
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Where do I ask a question about backup of local mac and vmware fusion based prototyping environment

I am an IT pro and tend to need virtual environments for opsdev, infrastructure and development type activities that require non-functional facets like backup. A lot of my work gets done on trains so ...
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Are RaspberryPi's ever on topic for ServerFault?

I'm seeing more questions to do with RaspberryPi boards. This latest one set me off: Why can't I stream more than 1 file using nginx? Is there a belief that RaspberryPis can be used in a professional ...

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