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Are cpanel questions really 'professional sysadmin' related?

Do any professional sysadmins really use cPanel, rather than provide cPanel? To me, cPanel is indicative of non-professional (i.e. voluntary, spare time, personal) web hosting use? Sure, I can see ...
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Why are learning materials questions off-topic?

I asked a question looking for pointers to overview materials about VPNs, as opposed to product-specific documentation. It was very promptly closed as 'off-topic' on the grounds that "Questions ...
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Questions lacking minimal understanding

I'm having some difficulty reviewing questions which I think fall into the "lacking minimal understanding" category. Where do we draw the line? For instance, say a question is about how to configure ...
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Proposed change to Server Fault guidelines

Following up on the discussion here, I’d like to propose some changes to our help center guidelines to remove subjective language (particularly the “professional” part) and simplify things a bit, ...
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What IS a "professional capacity"?

This is part of a set of questions on how Server Fault defines "professional" system and network administration. For additional information, see: Why "professional capacity"? ...
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Interpretation of Off Topic

I'm seeing a fair number of questions that are getting closed as off topic on a regular basis, I'm trying to understand why this is the case. The type of questions are those that involve desktops or ...
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Creating a canonical "A: Hire a professional" question

There's been discussion on chat for quite a while now about creating a canonical question along the lines of: Q: Our last guy who was our expert in system XYZ left, HALP? A: Hire someone. Q: I'm not ...
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Is "You are all backwards" really a valid close reason?

I often see, in the close queue, questions like this one: Understanding the Basics of Subdomains with VirtualHosts In it, the asker (who was of course edited for formatting) is wondering why his ...
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Where is an appropriate place to ask for server-oriented product recommendations?

I'd like to ask for specific product recommendations for server-related services (such as registrars, virtual root hosts, etc). It's a jungle out there for many of these things, and specific ...
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Why isn't SE, Inc. bothering to *explain* all the changes in close vote reasons?

I haven't kept track, but we've only had the new close vote reasons for - I dunno - about a month? And today they've changed again, completely changing off-topic reasons with no explanation, no ...
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How can I ask better questions on Server Fault?

This is a Canonical Question / FAQ Candidate to help our new users ask better questions, and hopefully get better answers. Similar questions: How do I get better answers? How can I get people to ...
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Question about the Off-topic close reason vs migration close reasons

Looking at an example here: The question I have is, I know voretaq's close ...
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