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How can we recruit and retain more talent?

Tangentially related to another meta post, the last discussion about this was a while back, so it may be time to revisit this topic. The #1 answer in the chat was money, so that and fried chicken ...
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On the paucity of voting

paucity ˈpɔːsɪti noun the presence of something in only small or insufficient quantities or amounts. "a paucity of information" The active community on Server Fault is tiny, most people ...
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Why the hostility?

The comment thread and reaction to the original poster of this question was completely out-of-line.
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Can we do anything to change the dynamic of the site?

This came up in relation to the upcoming mod election, e.g. Dennis' question here, and tombull89's and Iain's comments here, but I think the discussion of this shouldn't be limited to "what do the the ...
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Why the major FAQ/help change?

We get a LOT of seriously off-topic questions on ServerFault. This is because new users either can't comprehend the word 'server' in the site name or because they skipped the old, and very clear, FAQ....
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Sure, we like the IDEA of voting, but we are poor in our actions

Referencing kce's Is ServerFault doomed? Not if we all vote more! where it was upvoted 77 times, with plenty of positive discussion, it is apparent that at least in concept the ServerFault community ...
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Will/Should Serverfault be dropping the "networking support" in the upcoming future?

There is a currently private beta site for Network Engineering here: The beta is new, but seems to be garnering a decent following ...
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How to deal with bad questions? VOTE!

tl;dr: Please vote more; both up and down. Why you should all (ok, almost all) vote more: Admittedly, when it comes to voting, I'm a bit like the porcupine in the Dilbert cartoon at the end of this ...
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Closing OT crappy questions

We are generally requested to not migrate crap. Now that we're no longer meant to use the Off Topic->Questions must be relevant to professional system administration ... close reason as a method ...
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How to find and clean up bad questions

We've got lots of existing meta posts about how many bad questions there are and how much of a problem they are (or aren't) - that's not what this question is about. I wanted to collect in one post ...
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Voting statistics on serverfault

I was wondering if there is some place that has voting statistics / general usage statistics on Serverfault. Possibly in relation to its closest sister sites: StackOverflow and Super User. I'm mostly ...
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