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Server Fault needs professional-quality questions, not just questions from professionals

In the nearly 4 years that I’ve participated on Server Fault, it’s been a community that I’ve been proud to be a part of, and I’ve been able to build my own skill set a lot and help people out at the ...
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Why SF is failing - the dismal future of ServerFault

This is a Canonical Question about the scope of Server Fault and the attitude of the community. This is in response to Questions to ask the SE staff regarding the future of ServerFault Why am I ...
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Is it reasonable/possible to further discourage down voting?

I'm new here, but it seems to me that there have been many more down votes on questions recently compared to when I first signed up. I've seen down votes on questions just because they are a little ...
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Perception of purpose

When using ServerFault, I approach it from the perspective of a professional resource. I use it to to provide solutions and see solutions provided to professionals. Specifically from the FAQ: ...
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"Server Fault is for system administrators... in a professional capacity"

I'm interested in soliciting opinions on the meaning of the phrase from the FAQ in the question title. I've just returned from an extended hiatus from SF, and I'm finding that a lot of the things ...
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Are cpanel questions really 'professional sysadmin' related?

Do any professional sysadmins really use cPanel, rather than provide cPanel? To me, cPanel is indicative of non-professional (i.e. voluntary, spare time, personal) web hosting use? Sure, I can see ...
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Server sizing question: How to ask?

On Server Fault, I asked this question, trying to get some ideas about how to figure out what size of a server I need. Clearly the question wasn't the right one. However, I'm pretty sure people on ...
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Changing the FAQ: Home networks

One thing I've noticed in close-voting is that if the questioner mentions that what they're doing is in their home in any way, it gets voted off-topic. If it's about the network itself, it gets ...
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mod_rewrite/htaccess/etc. questions - migrate?

As was noted by sysadmin1138 in the Unprofessional Questions thread, we've been getting a lot of mod_rewrite questions as of late. Add to those all of the questions we get asked regularly about ...
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Fundamentals tag

This is related to the discussion here There seems to be a class of question that is more than one that would be asked by someone who really isn't a sysadmin or is just starting their career (where ...