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Server fault: reached question limit

This is my profile on server fault: I am not here to ask to remove by block. I ask you to explain what make me fall into ...
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One user with offensive username

What can i do if i see a user using an username offensive for my religion? because this is community used by differents people from many places of the world
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How can I delete my account?

I'm struggling trying to delete my serverfault account. I've managed to delete my other accounts like meta stack exchange or superuser. I've been filling the form to delete account many times but ...
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When I log in, I get someone else's username

I am not sarath, but for some reason serverFault thinks I am. I have never logged in as her, nor know who she is. But now I can post as her. The same thing happened about 4 months ago.
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How to remove an account from Serverfault but leave other stackexchange sites intact

I am fine to leave my questions and answers, but I don't want my name associated with them or anything else on this site. Please answer my question about removing my name/account from this site.
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Should Server Fault stop accepting questions from unregistered users?

If you've read the front page recently, you're well aware that there's a large percentage of total crap on it. Indeed, more than a third of the questions posted in the last 60 days have been closed or ...
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Are usernames not unique (aka: how many Iains)? Am I missing something? I certainly took a sharp intake of breath at a question posed by the newer Iain, then ...
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User Deleted, but Question remains and user would like to re-associate

In reference to: How to analyse data/voice ratio within a network I can't tell what happened here, but the user account doesn't exist anymore. The user just asked the question yesterday, it wasn't ...
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Is there a bug with the acceptance rate calculation?

Just spotted this question, where the user currently has a displayed 57% acceptance rate. I had a look at profile for the user, and found that he'd asked 10 questions, and accepted 4 answers, which by ...
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Is it possible to delete all Stack Exchage accounts?

I have asked several question on ServerFault. By mistake I used my personal details including email and company name. I changed the details after only one day. Content-copy sites like answerleaks ...
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User name history

It's a minor thing, but I'm wondering if there's any way to see what previous names a person has used. I know that this guy previously used what I assume is his real name, and I think that before ...
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Losing "consecutive days" Credit on SF

In going for the all-important "Enthusiast" and "Fanatic" badges on SF, I've been pretty (er, um) enthusiastic about checking in daily. Tonight I checked my SF account to see that I'm back to only ...
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