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Comments won't commit

Any ideas why I can no longer post comments? I can type a comment, and the Add Comment button seems to submit, but the page then refreshes without my comment. I've cleared my temp. Internet files (...
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Why can't I comment on an answer?

Here's the link: How to monitor Windows host with Nagios? I want to ask the the person who answered the question to specify the syntax to monitor windows server events, but the add comment box does ...
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2 answers

How to convert an answer into a comment

Sometimes folks (myself included) answer a question with what should have been a comment. Is there a way to move the inappropriate answer to a comment rather than delete/add it?
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Why does Serverfault always show the Add Comment box on answers?

I'm thinking it's because I just registered and don't have enough reputation to Add a Comment, so on my own question it automatically shows the boxes rather than the link. But that doesn't quite make ...
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