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2 answers

How can I get people to fully read my question?

I'm having trouble with getting people who review my questions to read the entire question before answering! I've noticed that my most difficult questions on ServerFault usually end up with answers ...
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7 answers

How do I get better answers?

How do I get better answers? Or perhaps more accurately, How can I ask better questions? Specifically what kind of information are other system administrators looking for posters to provide in order ...
23 votes
2 answers

How to handle unanswered questions that have the answer in a comment or edited into the question?

This is about those two questions: httpd.conf match absolute file PHP 5.3 Not Logging Both had no answer (neither accepted nor unaccepted). Both askers answered it without actually writing an answer,...
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5 answers

Why were my "not an answer" flags on these answers declined? What should I have done instead?

I came across these two answers to an old question, which to my mind are simply link-only answers. Hence, I flagged them as NAA to push them into the review queue for the more experienced members of ...
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2 answers

what's the point in unformatted comments?

I know that I can answer and I initiate the answer starting from clarifications immediately getting negative ratings which discourages to further participate in this thread. What's the point in this?...
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1 answer

What to do about new users posting useless answers only to make themselves known?

I've recently often witnessed the quite sad phenomenon of new (and often clueless) users trying to make themselves known by adding useless answers to already-answered questions, or to old unanswered (...
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