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How to handle unanswered questions that have the answer in a comment or edited into the question?

This is about those two questions: httpd.conf match absolute file PHP 5.3 Not Logging Both had no answer (neither accepted nor unaccepted). Both askers answered it without actually writing an answer,...
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Should I delete a question where the answer turned out to be a hardware problem?

CentOS 6 router/firewall seems to be throttling throughput After much troubleshooting the problem turned out to be a hardware fault with one of the network adapters. For unknown reasons the adapter ...
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7 answers

How do I get better answers?

How do I get better answers? Or perhaps more accurately, How can I ask better questions? Specifically what kind of information are other system administrators looking for posters to provide in order ...
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Answered questions styling

Could answered questions be restyled with a solid colour fill like the other sites please? It is hard to tell from a glance which questions have a marked answered. thanks.
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6 answers

ServerFault - rules for questions without accepted answers?

I looked in the FAQs section and searched, but maybe I'm missing it. I've noticed a lot of questions that have great answers that have been voted up 5-20 times for the answer, but the original ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How can I get people to fully read my question?

I'm having trouble with getting people who review my questions to read the entire question before answering! I've noticed that my most difficult questions on ServerFault usually end up with answers ...
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Are "call support" or "contact the supplier" valid answers?

I asked a question on SF regarding a server setup involving a SAN using Linux. It is definitely a complex question, and one of the major reasons I asked on SF, since it falls strongly in the System ...
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5 answers

Handling very-low-quality answers

As a moderator I see a lot of flags for "very low quality". Sometimes they can be fixed. A lot of the time the flag is code for, "this is a crap answer," and nothing can be done but down-vote it, ...
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Code only answers

I recently had 2 answers downvoted by a person and he argued that they were "code only" and they require explanations. Here are my 2 cents on this: There are questions where code-only answers should ...
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8 votes
2 answers

New flag reason for "Pointless Answer" for "Me too" type answers

I'm referring to a rather specific class of "answers" that people post, but it is happening frequently enough now that it's generating a lot of crap "answers" and is starting to annoy me somewhat. ...
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What Should I do About An Answer I Can't Verify

Several months ago I asked a question on server fault. Someone just answered it but we replaced our 10.4 deployment with a 10.5 deployment earlier this year and I now have no way to verify the ...
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5 answers

Why were my "not an answer" flags on these answers declined? What should I have done instead?

I came across these two answers to an old question, which to my mind are simply link-only answers. Hence, I flagged them as NAA to push them into the review queue for the more experienced members of ...
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3 answers

I have questions which no one could solve at the time but I later solved, what should I do with the questions?

I have questions on SF which I asked some time ago and never chose an answer for. This happened because eventually someone else outside of SF worked it out or I worked it out at a later date / ...
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How to handle answers that commit copyright infringement?

Today I posted a canned comment on this link only answer, stating that it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. The author of ...
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When should Links be provided in Answers?

I tried looking around on the FAQs and in previous Meta questions but couldn't find something directly answering this question. I have seen some answers to questions which provide NO actual answer ...
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2 answers

Two essentially the same answer: one old and one newer (plagiarism)?

I think it's not appropriate that someone just copies someone else's answer. Or even post an answer to a question that is essentially the same as others. Imagine someone asking: How to do X? And the ...
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4 answers

See previous (untedited) version of the question / answer or mark typos in others posts?

As I'm not a native speaker, I often see that my posts (either questions or answers) get edited. Sometimes people edit my post to fix spelling mistakes / language use errors. What do you think about ...
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When does an answer become community wiki?

I made about 12 revisions to my Answer when I noticed that the answer became a community wiki. The change to CW was automatic and it's connected to one of my edits. What causes this? Would a ...
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Answer to 11 year old question

Is there any sense of answer (like I did :D ) to 11 year old question? (the OP and another answer user are no longer part of SE) And is it make any sense bot to show it in the front page of ...
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Can I migrate a question to another Stack site?

If I am not getting enough responses and I believe admins in other stack site can answer this, is it possible to move to another site? Ex: I have asked one Server logging(Linux) related question SF, ...
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Answerer's answer locked for the chattiness of others

I have participated in a long comment chain under a specific answer to the HNQ question Why is my bare-metal 16x 2.93GHz cores computer performing poorer than a VPS with 4x 2.5GHz cores?. This answer ...
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1 vote
3 answers

"Not an answer" flag declined

I've asked a question with a bounty as below: Hot swapping physical disks passed through to a qemu VM The bounty has now expired and there is one answer, which I regard as basically an attempt to ...
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2 answers

Typed an answer and posted a comment - without the necessary rep.?

I entered an answer to a question and it got posted as a comment. But I don't have enough reputation to post comments and it was meant to be an answer. How could this happen? Have I done something ...
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2 answers

what's the point in unformatted comments?

I know that I can answer and I initiate the answer starting from clarifications immediately getting negative ratings which discourages to further participate in this thread. What's the point in this?...
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What to do about new users posting useless answers only to make themselves known?

I've recently often witnessed the quite sad phenomenon of new (and often clueless) users trying to make themselves known by adding useless answers to already-answered questions, or to old unanswered (...
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Answering - a race [closed]

Question: Answerers may be under time pressure to answer first, reducing the quality of initial answers. How can this be mitigated? While the primary objective of this site may be to provide a ...
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