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What information should I include or obfuscate in my posts?

This is a Canonical Question about the privacy of Server Fault and the needed detail to get an answer from the community. Is there any information other than a password that would be considered a ...
33 votes
5 answers

Should folks have to click through an interstitial page to ask questions on Server Fault?

A few weeks back, Jay and I had a nice conversation with voretaq7 and Chopper3 where we discussed and debated the various items raised by the community here in
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13 votes
1 answer

Should the "Ask Question" process warn that we require a professional context?

Recently, there was a popular Meta question concerning changing the site subtitle to prevent inbound migrations of off-topic questions. The old site subtitle was: Q&A for system administrators ...
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Questions belonging to intersection of webmasters.stackexchange and ServerFault

Hi, Almost every webmaster deals with a server. So if he has a question regarding his server (like the following example), which site should he ask on: webmasters.stackexchange OR ServerFault. ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How long should it take to write an SF question?

Apparently, I have form for not asking all that many questions on SF. Re-reading that meta question, I was struck by sysadmin1138's observation that My 'virtual question' count is a lot higher ...
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