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Community Posts for Blog.SF?

A lot of other sites are using to create a blog on their topic with contributions from the community. The Server Fault blog has mostly been posts from George and I about ...
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rss feed for the serverfault blog double posts

The Server Fault blog RSS feed always comes up twice in Google reader (with different timestamps)...The stackoverflow blog rss doesn't do this...anyone else have this problem? From my screenshot, ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Post Op Most Famous Question

I don't suppose we'll be seeing any kind of post op report, blog, or podcast about Our security auditor is an idiot. How do I give him the information he wants? I would be really interested in seeing ...
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rss feed for serverfault blog full post like SO

Using the same image from my other question about the serverfault blog Can the rss feed have the full post, the same as the stackoverflow blog rss?
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I would like the URLs to your blogs

I'm looking to compile a list of blogs that users here write as I'd like to follow them. If you are an active member and want to share your sites to be followed, please post them below.
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Post the Area51 announcement on the SF blog

Now that Area51 has been announced on the SO blog, could you also post it on the SF blog. In the case that people are following the SF blog and not the SO blog and understanding that that might be a ...
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2 answers

Is still active?

The last post is one month old, and there are only 2 blog entries (the first one made 1 day before the second). Is it still alive? Will we see a higher posting frequency in the future (about the same ...
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1 answer

Does Kyle's name on the ServerFault blog about page make sense?

See below image from the Server Fault blog about page, but it kind of seems like a mistake that Kyle's name appears here (no offense Kyle, love your work and your blog posts/insight).. Edit It is the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Should be combined with the main blog

At present, all of the sites share a common blog (accessible via or, or following the link in the footer of the SO/SU/meta/careers/apps/area51) except for ...
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Can you submit the blog post here first before posting?

I say this only because the otherwise excellent Know Your RAM post has a few grammar errors. By posting here first, you can get these corrected first, via comments, (or by making the post CW). [note] ...
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Who is ServerFault Valued Associate #0000004?

Either blog entry about ServerFault Valued Associate #0000004! isn't tagged stuff or there is no info about this person or that person does not exist. Anyway, when I browse's blog for ...
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No prominent links to the ServerFault blog?

Trying to find the ServerFault blog, I had to go through: one of the "blog" links at the top/bottom of the page, from the sidebar there, and ...
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