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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Can something be done about the greek captcha's? [closed]

I've again encountered one of these: Now I know the Greek Economy is dwindling and I appreciate StackExchange trying to help them out by OCR'ing there scripts, but for our poor Western Keyboards, ...
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When listing Meta Serverfault SE questions -- Wrong author info is being displayed

I just listed questions on the Meta SE site by pressing the Question button and notice that instead of seeing the avatar of the AUTHOR of the is showing the avatar of one of the ...
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Can't flag to close as "Off-topic" with custom reason

If I flag a question on SU, I have the three close reasons (product reccomendations, software dev, web apps, the "This question belongs on another site" or "Other (add a comment). If I flag a ...
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Why is the question about Nginx, MySQL and Wordpress is off-topic?

I have a question about my Server Fault post: Wordpress via 3 PHP versions Is here a place I'm able to ask questions about servers' software? I thought the questions about installing Wordpress and ...
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Accepted answer on rep page not aligned with background

As one can see in the screenshot below, the background is not aligned with the [+15] on the rep page for an accept, and lets the text "bleed"(for lack of better terminology) into the rest of the page: ...
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Why serverfault about us leads to stackoverflow about us?

When I open about us item in help menu in serverfault, it leads me to Is this a mistake or something? Edit. Same thing about business item. http://business....
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Markdown comparison view shows much bigger diff than there actually was

Click image to enlarge. Here, I deleted the last section, because all it was was a broken link. I also made minor edits to the first and second sections. However, the markdown diff shows me making ...
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title vs <title>

I stumbled across this question and noticed that the question title didn't match the tab title (i.e. the title that comes from the html tag). In this case it looks like "storage area network -" is ...
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Add-comment box placeholder text ends mid sentence

When the add-comment box is not focused it has a placeholder text, which ends mid sentence: "Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid comments like " Screenshot
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serverfault main formatting has a problem in Chrome Browser

Looks like there is some type of problem in the site forwarding for some reason. Could this be some type of missing style sheet or something because in my browser, it renders nothing like the other ...
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Review bug: I pick "leave closed" and it pops up "Nominate for re-opening?" [duplicate]

I don't have screen shots, but it's happened twice now, so there must be a bug related to the new close reasons being activated on SF... When reviewing re-opens, after reading the question and ...
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What's wrong with this questions vote-to-close count? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can't vote again if previous vote has expired? There is something odd with this question: It's definitely off-topic and should be closed, but when I try to vote it to ...
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2 answers

Synonymizer badge not showing in my profile

I suggested a tag synonym several days ago which was accepted, but I haven't yet been awarded the Synonymizer badge. When will this badge appear in my profile? I thought it would have appeared by now.
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Join site when trying to upvote

I can ask question on the wrong site. (bug report is misleading, my mistake) I can add comments, but cannot delete or edit comments. App Version: 1.0.89 Device Manufacturer: samsung Device Model: ...
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Community has wrong avatar

Community's avatar is wrong. Fix, please.
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3 answers

Is there recourse for abusive moderation?

I asked this question about yum and Apache, which is a perfectly fine question for this site. A site moderator stepped in and issued comments that were not helpful to answering the question as asked. ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

This is why this site suffers from a lack of talent

Its an uphill challenge to get good information out of this site to the point where I usually look elsewhere. If the users here want to attract better talent and better answers then the attitude has ...
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FAQ - screenshots from bicycles.SE

Here i a screenshot from the ServerFault FAQ. The images are from! Could this be fixed please? Edit. I had not noticed that it was the case for all FAQs on stackexchange. ...
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