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3 answers

What are the canonical answers we've discovered over the years?

We've created, appointed, or otherwise identified certain question/answer pairs that are the canonical answer for certain problems. These are answers where the community has said all it is going to ...
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What information should I include or obfuscate in my posts?

This is a Canonical Question about the privacy of Server Fault and the needed detail to get an answer from the community. Is there any information other than a password that would be considered a ...
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23 votes
4 answers

I'm tired of answering questions with: "Upgrade the firmware" or "Run updates"

...or sometimes both! ESXi 5.1 crashing (bug fixed by updates) Installing XenServer 6.2 on Proliant DL160G6 freezes during "Installing from base pack" (firmware) Disconnected Network ...
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Is it time for a canonical question/answer on non-hostname-aware protocols?

After yet another question asking how to bring hostname-awareness for proxying purposes to a protocol that doesn't have any support for it, is it time for a canonical question on hostname-aware ...
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15 votes
4 answers

canonical tag for canonical questions?

Does it make sense for us to have a canonical tag on non-meta to flag the canonical questions with? I know that, for me, it would be easier to search for that tag than search for and reference the ...
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Creating a canonical "Help, I'm Getting DDOS-ed!" question?

Another Distributed Denial of Service question (and this one) floated into the review queue. Is there any interest in creating a canonical question and answer for all of D/DOS questions that we see? ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Canonical: "Help me size my wholly unspecified application" question

We periodically get the "Help me size my wholly unspecified application" questions, like What capacities should have a hosting to support an average of 1000 registered users simultaneously? or Server ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Do we need a canonical answer about ENOSPC?

Searching for No space left on device finds 159 questions, and I didn't find any canonical among them. Do we need a canonical Q/A for that? So far theses four reasons has covered all of the out of ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Canonical post in first post review, how to react?

While reviewing, I was asked to give my opinion about Why is geo-redundant DNS necessary for small sites?. This seemed odd to me, so I assumed it was a test to see if I was paying attention. I clicked ...
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Possible canonical question: Windows Active Directory naming best practices?

Despite knowing squat about Windows, I have already this morning VTC'ed two questions as duplicates of Windows Active Directory naming best practices? Is it time to elevate that question to full ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Do we have a canonical question about multiple MX records?

Variants of this question keeps showing up from time to time. It goes roughly like this: I am migrating email for from provider A to provider B. During migration I will have some users ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Dependency questions

I am seeing a lot of questions recently where people are seeking assistance with installing software - usually compiling from source, or installing an RPM. In my opinion these questions should be ...
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Canonical Question about Samba's NT Domain migration with rename to Samba's Active Directory

I've spend literally years researching this topic, I was thinking about documenting it somehow. There's a lot of myths and incomplete information around the Web. I'd like to document a way to perform ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Canonisation candidate: proper NTP config for a small server pool

I'm quite taken by Proper NTP configuration for a few servers , though I must admit to a (small) hand in the refinement process. The OP has put together an answer that reads well and synthesises a ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Creating a canonical "A: Hire a professional" question

There's been discussion on chat for quite a while now about creating a canonical question along the lines of: Q: Our last guy who was our expert in system XYZ left, HALP? A: Hire someone. Q: I'm not ...
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1 answer

Proposed canonical question: Why is it considered bad practice to run everything on the same server?

My usual reaction after seeing questions like this one is to cry a lot, vote to close and add a suggestion to rethink what you are doing and/or call in a professional. But I think we can do better ...
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Closed as duplicate in error?

The question How do we instruct our employees to protect themselves from Heartbleed? was closed as a duplicate of Heartbleed: What is it and what are options to mitigate it?. Was that closure in ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Canonical: "What should I do about this user?"

What should I do about a "misbehaving" user? This type of question really is one that crops up every once in a while - any sysadmin will eventually come across user behaviour that is ...
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