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Question closed as not constructive / locked

A question that had been asked about 3 years ago (Sep 11 2009) and that I answered last week as just been closed as not constructive: Functional implications of differences in SSL and TLS This is a ...
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Where do questions regarding labs for enterprise equipment & software belong if not SF?

So this is in regards to, which was closed because it was considered off topic. I had a chance to discuss this with EEAA, ...
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Whats really being taken in consideration to close a question?

What’s really being taken in consideration to close a question? Is it based on how "ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form" or ...
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What is a proper question that is on topic?

I encountered a problem with a host provider that they were unable to fix. I'm not new to system administration, however this system was not under my control so I thought I ask if anyone had ...
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Secure alternative to ssh gets closed as too localised? This is an interesting question from several angles: someone in Iran is asking a question on ServerFault it asks about alternatives to ...
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Should my question or the proposal be reopened?

This question was closed as off topic. Also, this proposal was closed as duplicated of ServerFault. Shouldn't one of them be reopened?
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