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New design readability - all comments are ignored

So, the most upvoted answer on Site design update is now live is about the poor choice of colors, making the new design unreadable. I wonder why, even though there's a good buy-in and support for this ...
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Accepted status-answered boxes are not clearly visible

Here is how to looks on my serverfault profile (/users/%/%?tab=questions&sort=newest): The problem is, that answered questions are not clearly visible between those which are accepted and which ...
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Design is hard on the eyes due to black/white contrast with info boxes

This is what the front page of ServerFault looks like to new users: I understand that the top bar is black across all sites, and that the cookie notice and mini-tour are supposed to be visible, but ...
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7 votes
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SF layout / Answer coloring

I just wanted to report a small bug in the layout, in the answer section. On IE, FireFox & Chrome I see my profile that way (note the answers how it look like (no box)): On my blackberry I see ...
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Favorites page "answers" text spilling outside its box

I'm not sure how this should look, but I'm fairly sure that it shouldn't look like this.
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Accepted answer on rep page not aligned with background

As one can see in the screenshot below, the background is not aligned with the [+15] on the rep page for an accept, and lets the text "bleed"(for lack of better terminology) into the rest of the page: ...
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