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Bug: Code block scroller hides the code

There's an annoying bug that I've been experiencing for some time, the scroller overlays the code in a code box and hides the code itself. It is shown best in the following screen shot: As you can ...
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Design is hard on the eyes due to black/white contrast with info boxes

This is what the front page of ServerFault looks like to new users: I understand that the top bar is black across all sites, and that the cookie notice and mini-tour are supposed to be visible, but ...
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Server Fault new site theme is live

We rolled out the new site theme for Server Fault. It is now live. What new theme? If you're like, "What the heck are you talking about?", then you should read the Meta Stack Exchange post entitled ...
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New Server Fault theme coming soon

As mentioned on several months ago, all network sites will be getting updated themes. Server Fault is one of the first sites that will be updated. As such, I'm posting the ...
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Server Fault SE style format improvement [duplicate]

I added few tags in Favorite tag list. Whenever I scrolling down the questions on this site, i found myself a bit trouble to see Favorite tagged questions. I'm not saying I can't see but not in ...
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Questions with accepted answers should stand out more

Questions with accepted answers are less emphasized than those without. Is this intentional, and if so is there a reason for this? SO has a green background so perhaps I'm just biased by that, but it ...
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SF layout / Answer coloring

I just wanted to report a small bug in the layout, in the answer section. On IE, FireFox & Chrome I see my profile that way (note the answers how it look like (no box)): On my blackberry I see ...
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Accepted status-answered boxes are not clearly visible

Here is how to looks on my serverfault profile (/users/%/%?tab=questions&sort=newest): The problem is, that answered questions are not clearly visible between those which are accepted and which ...
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New design readability - all comments are ignored

So, the most upvoted answer on Site design update is now live is about the poor choice of colors, making the new design unreadable. I wonder why, even though there's a good buy-in and support for this ...
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Is Server Fault the appropriate website to ask about system design questions?

Note: This is a follow-up question to this one. I'm planning to practice some system design questions asked during tech interviews, and I'd like to get reviews/opinions on how I'd design some systems ...
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Favorites page "answers" text spilling outside its box

I'm not sure how this should look, but I'm fairly sure that it shouldn't look like this.
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The Server Fault logo has some alignment issues

When looking at the Server Fault logo in this SVG file, it looks like this (zoomed): You can see that the blocks in the third column are some "pixels" down in Y compared to the blocks in the other ...
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11 answers

Site design update is now live

Hello Server Fault community, I want to give you a heads up that I'll be making some minor design updates to SF site design to reflect recent changes on Stack Overflow and Super User. Visually it ...
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I think it's time to update the "We are Offline" BSOD

The current "We are offline" screen on Server Fault when it is down is: with it's lovely 1996 DateStmp's. I think it's time to update the Windows BSOD on the page to something more appropriate for ...
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Please fix our design issues

There are a number of design issues that have been outstanding for (quite frankly) a ridiculous amount of time. This morning (UTC) one of the known design issues contributed to a certain amount of ...
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Answered color styling on Meta [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Color scheme in questions lists needs some help This is a meta-meta bug report: number of answers in an "accepted" box is pretty much unreadable on Meta SF: Would be great if ...
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Accepted answer on rep page not aligned with background

As one can see in the screenshot below, the background is not aligned with the [+15] on the rep page for an accept, and lets the text "bleed"(for lack of better terminology) into the rest of the page: ...
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Questions with favourites tags: can you make the background darker?

On the Stack Overflow, it's easy to realize the questions with favourite tags: But on the SF, the background is quite light: What do you think?
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Inline HyperLink Color [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Change style of Links I'm not sure about everyone else but I'm finding it hard to identify links in questions and answers, especially when the link text itself is very small. ...
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Bad kerning in Firefox on ServerFault Blog

I was reading the blog today using Firefox - normally I just consume the RSS and read it from my reader. I was shocked at how bad FF was as at kerning the h3 headers. In Chrome and IE9 ...
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Flag window dimming

While flagging an answer that already had a few down-votes to it, I noticed that the text that appears dims as much as the answer has. References: --------------VS-------------- I guess the ...
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3 answers

Change style of Links

There's already a question for this, I tried to "bump" it with a comment, but it didn't show up on the Active Page. Can we setup a different style for links on the Server Fault page to make the link ...
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Server Fault Moderator Cards

We recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for ...
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Request to add visual difference between blockquotes and code blocks

It has always irked my inner aesthetic nazi that code blocks are indistinguishable* from blockquotes at first glance. See my recent answer for an example. I'm picturing something like this: *Yes, I ...
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Color scheme in questions lists needs some help

The color contrast here (MetaSF /questions) is a bit difficult. Fine on the home page, but white and yellow against light gray isn't enough of a contrast. Talking about the vote / answer boxes. ...
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links in Serverfault not readily visible [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Change style of Links Please consider either changing the color of links in serverfault slightly to contrast more with regular text, or make the links underlined. It is nearly ...
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