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SF Retag Request: [windows2000server] -> [windows-server-2000]

(EDIT: changed the request based on Eric's answer) To align to the convention we've created on SF. 12 questions currently tagged with [windows2000server] 15 tagged with [windows-2000-server] ...
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Are "call support" or "contact the supplier" valid answers?

I asked a question on SF regarding a server setup involving a SAN using Linux. It is definitely a complex question, and one of the major reasons I asked on SF, since it falls strongly in the System ...
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Can you add a company field in the user profile ?

Hello, Most of the people answering and posting on serverfault are IT professionals, so a majority belong to a company or another and they can have a bias in their answer. Is it possible for people ...
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What's the reason behind the different background colour on Server Fault?

I've noticed that the background colour of Server Fault is a faded gray (which looks pink on some LCDs) background: #fdfdfd. I'm wondering reasoning for this is because it looks weird compared to the ...
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6 answers

High end networking questions?

I just posted this on and realized it didn't really have that much to do with "Systems Administration". Thoughts? Maybe its too small a category to have its own site, but "sys admins" ...
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Ethical Questions About Hackers, Cheaters, and Lusers

Sometimes the questions asked here are related to the following three categories ... Hackers Yes, yes, I understand there's a fine line between a competent (grey hat) hacker and a sysadmin. But I ...
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6 answers

Solving Problems using ServerFault

Using StackOverflow pretty much guratanteed I would eventually solve each problem I posted. I believe this is largely to do with that fact that when solving problems in code, you can post the broken ...
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22 votes
5 answers

Too much focus on Stack Overflow?

As a user who only came onboard with Server Fault (haven't done any programming in years), I can't help but feel left a little bit cold when it comes to meta and the blog. You see, they're hosted on ...
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1 answer

ServerFault DevDays (AdminDays?)... come to Portland, Oregon

Since your rackspace is hosted in Corvallis, it only seems appropriate that you should include Oregon on your list of stops for the Serverfault world tour/DevDays-equivalent, whenever you get around ...
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System Administrator Appreciation Day

Just thought that today (in South Africa, your time zone may vary) is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Would be nice to see a little banner or pop up on ServerFault saying thanks to the hard ...
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Refactor Serverfault FAQ [closed]

When I go to I always see the How Does ServerFault Work? (The Community FAQ). Can we refactor this so that it has an answer (which then can be upvoted) and thereby get this ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Can I post queries related to a specific software in ServerFault?

I have read in the FAQ section that Server Fault is not for general computer troubleshooting questions; if you paid for that desktop hardware, and it's your personal workstation, it is ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Linux Source code Closed Question closed on Serverfault

I noticed the Jeff Atwood close this server fault question for not being sysadmin realted: Linux Source Code " looking for the source code to learn about their working in Linux for all the ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Scope of questions for serverfault

Are only questions about server administration allowed on the serverfault site? I have noticed a lot of desktop configuration or administration questions have been closed.
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1 answer

Nice serverfault image

Here's how splattne's announcement rendered in my browser... I thought it was quite appropriate! [removed broken image link]
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2 answers

What's with the prominently placed ads for each question in ServerFault?

For the past couple of days, I've been noticing that serverfault has very prominently placed ads for each question, which doesn't seem to be present in SO. I don't usually mind the ads on the side in ...
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Should put the MacOS bomb dialog on the maintenance page of SF

For a little of retro effect. Sure had to deal with that plenty of times back in the day... MacOS Bomb
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32 votes
3 answers

The Server Fault Wiki of recommended practices

So I've noticed that there are several recommendations on basic practices on Server Fault, but there doesn't seem to be a cohesive view as to how those recommendations would all fit together. So I ...
14 votes
3 answers

What's the etiquette for duplicate questions?

I just answered a question, and then later someone voted it down and noted that it was a duplicate. Is there a recommended way for an "answerer" to deal with this? i.e. if I find that my answer is ...
15 votes
7 answers

How do I get better answers?

How do I get better answers? Or perhaps more accurately, How can I ask better questions? Specifically what kind of information are other system administrators looking for posters to provide in order ...
4 votes
11 answers

Is Serverfault as useful as Stackoverflow, in principle?

In my experience programming problems come with time to resolve them. Asking a programming question and getting an answer the next day (Thanks guys!) is very useful indeed as the millions of ...
13 votes
7 answers

Do SEO, webmaster, etc. questions belong on Server Fault?

Do questions not related directly to system administration, but rather web site administration, SEO, etc. belong on Server Fault? Return to FAQ Index
9 votes
5 answers

Tag Formatting - Best Practices

This has already been brought up and been discussed extensively on Stack Overflow but we're already starting to see an abundance of duplicate tags with different formats - sql2005, sql-2005, etc. So ...
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14 answers

Where can I ask questions that aren't IT questions?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities But have you read this FAQ? We get a lot of interesting technical questions on here, but Server Fault is meant to be first and foremost a resource for ...
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8 answers

Should personal computer-troubleshooting questions be asked on SF?

Questions such as removing viruses or malware, help installing/uninstalling software, configuring Outlook, etc?

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