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Edit powers activate! Removing Hi/Thanks

The format of StackExchange sites in general discourages the sort of letter-format questions common elsewhere. You know what I'm talking about: Hi, I have ${problem}. It has ${details}. Any ...
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What is (or what should be) the etiquette for editing old questions or posts?

I ask primarily because it's come up, and I've gotten conflicting advice and requests. Seeing the bad tag thread (and a lot of the other hideousness from "back when"), plus having a lot of time on my ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is there recourse to a user making persistent trivial edits?

This user is repeatedly spamming the front page making trivial edits like this. I'm assuming he's just "farming" the Copy Editor badge, but it's unnecessary and annoying. Can a mod slap him on the ...
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3 answers

Some kind of 'edit locking'

On more than one occasion, I've started editing a post, only to be told, on save, that someone else has beaten me to it. Would it be possible to add a feature where editing a post starts a mutex-...
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Prevent editing a closed question from it being bumped to front page.

Visting ServerFault this morning there were a large number of old questions (posted 2009) that have been edited and therefore bumped to the front page. While I find this highly irritaing as it is, two ...
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