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7 votes
4 answers

What is, or should be the "right way" to edit a post for readability/formatting, and usage of the backtick character?

EDIT: Since a bunch of people are going tl;dr and wall-of-text, an example. Basically, is there anything "wrong" about the way I changed the readability of my answer from its original edition, "...
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6 votes
1 answer

How do I get something added to the FAQ?

I just use the Comms Room to find out how to add formatting to comments. A helpful person there pointed me to, which I would know if I was asking a question. ...
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0 votes
5 answers

Why images/screenshots wasn't embedded in most questions/answers? Is it a bad practice?

I'm not sure about people who are proficient in English. But as a person who isn't very good at it, I feel refreshed whenever I found images related to the content. It usually made me understand the ...
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New format for logs: numbered lines WITH automatic line breaks

IMHO serverfault shoul support yet another format for quoting code/logs: numbered lines with line breaks. It would allow to see whole lines without horizontal scrolling with preserved important ...
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