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Why the major FAQ/help change?

We get a LOT of seriously off-topic questions on ServerFault. This is because new users either can't comprehend the word 'server' in the site name or because they skipped the old, and very clear, FAQ....
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Interpretation of Off Topic

I'm seeing a fair number of questions that are getting closed as off topic on a regular basis, I'm trying to understand why this is the case. The type of questions are those that involve desktops or ...
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Extra word in help document

I had cause to post text from in a comment today, and there's a section that reads too broad - if your question could be answered by an entire book, ...
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What Server Fault-specific advice should we give folks asking questions here?

As of a few weeks ago, the "unclear what you're asking" close reason now links to a page in the help center: The moderators here can edit this page to customize it. So my questions are, Should they ...
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About Page example question is "How to prevent unicorns from eating daisies"

It's probably not good to encourage users to ask questions that are wildly off-topic for the site. Not sure when this got changed/borked, but it was working correctly a week or so ago when I looked ...
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The Help Center contains outdated names and URLs

Almost all URLs in the Help Center's on-topic page use HTTP, when Stack Exchange has migrated entirely to HTTPS. Additionally, the link to Information Security is using its old name, "IT Security&...
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Addition of a technical FAQ

My apologies if this has been discussed, although searching through the history the only FAQ people refer to seems to be the About section. What is the community leadership's thoughts on adding a ...
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The Meta help pages may contain some copy/paste typos

My apologies if this is off the mark or I am missing something obvious. I visited the Meta Help Center and it looks like Stack Overflow cross-pollinated into the Server Fault pages (some text omitted ...
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