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1 answer

Reclaim 100 reputation for associating accounts

I remember getting the 100 rep for associating my account in serverfault to other stackexchange sites (stackoverflow was my first account)... then some-how I've lost them. That only happened in ...
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2 answers

What does this error on account association failure mean?

"We found differing IP addresses between sites for this association request - please return to Server Fault and try again." I get this when trying to associate a newly created serverfault account ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Question Lost Association after Migration

This question: Error Starting Diaspora on Debian was originally asked by myself at a stackexchange site, and went through a number of migrations before ending up at serverfault. I have openid ...
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user not recognized

hi sorry for stupid question i have server account in platform (stackoverflow, math, stats, gamedev) with nkint: usually my account was ...
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2 answers

Linked StackExchange Accounts

I have an account on StackOverflow, ServerFault, and SuperUser all linked to the same OpenID. I originally did not think much of it until I noticed I started gaining reputation/badges individually on ...
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