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How can I log out of ServerFault?

Usually when my PC is on and my browser is on I am always logged into ServerFault, and I don't care much about that, since it is at my home PC. However, I've been into a friend house yesterday and ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Losing "consecutive days" Credit on SF

In going for the all-important "Enthusiast" and "Fanatic" badges on SF, I've been pretty (er, um) enthusiastic about checking in daily. Tonight I checked my SF account to see that I'm back to only ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there a problem with ServerFault and MyOpenID?

My Server Fault logon seems to be broken (SO, MSO and SU are all fine). When I try to logon using my 'MyOpenID' provider I get the following error on the Server Fault logon page: Unable to log in ...
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Can't login to superuser or serverfault from a new browser

I have a serverfault and superuser account, and on firefox I go to either, and I'm logged in automatically, no username or password prompt. On a new browser, I attempt to login, and I'm prompted to ...
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