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11 votes
4 answers

Stack Overflow Inc. changes policy regarding enforcement of AI-Generated posts

As per this post: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? Although the guidance given in this public post is somewhat different from what was discussed a day earlier in a private ...
5 votes
1 answer

Delete reasons in the Low Quality Posts review queue are alternating

While reviewing posts in the Low Quality Posts queue I noticed that the available delete reasons were alternating between different options. Every second time the first option says: This does not ...
-5 votes
1 answer

"bumped to the homepage by Community" generate mostly noise

Just as sample: such type of questions must be closed as offtopic (due to low-level quality) on 2012, and anyway not forced to homepage from trashcan and oblivion in 2017! I saw such (noisy) bumping ...
4 votes
1 answer

Why does this count as a valid answer?

I came across a question asking the following: Recently, I have encountered a problem of limiting Internet Access to specific programs. Could anybody recommend a good way of doing that, without ...
6 votes
1 answer

How should I vote on a question which I consider too low quality to migrate?

I came across a question in the close queue, which I feel need to provide some more information in order to be a good question. I could vote to close the question, but I can see that the question ...
7 votes
4 answers

Why is there so much focus on low-quality questions at-large?

It's election time and I read a bunch of meta. I noticed that there seems to be a lot of focus by hi-rep users and moderators on low quality questions. Much of those discussions involve laments by ...
3 votes
0 answers

How does the low quality review queue work?

I saw an answer show up in the low quality queue twice. Each time there was a majority of persons voting Recommend Deletion. What would be the reason for a question to show up in that queue again ...
4 votes
4 answers

How high should the bar be for the OP answering his own question?

I guess none of us like to see questions where the OP disappears once the problem has been resolved, without leaving any clues as to what exactly worked to solve the problem. For this reason, I tend ...
3 votes
1 answer

Does upvotes prevent flagging as very low quality?

In the first post review queue I see an answer, which I want to flag as very low quality. But when I click on flag, the very low quality option is missing from the list of options. The answer ...
9 votes
1 answer

Not meeting quality standards with no explanation

I am trying to post the following question and getting this post does not meet our quality standards. Can someone please tell me why? Can I suggest more constructive denials? I have a machine with 32 ...
8 votes
2 answers

Low quality accepted answer on a closed question

I've seen a few examples of people asking low quality questions (usually in good faith), and others answering them (usually in good faith) with low quality answers before the question gets closed. For ...