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Obfuscating domain names

I have noticed several questions about DNS or hosting that would benefit from the asker including the affected domain name. At the same time, I saw one comment that people might not want an SF ...
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What is, or should be the "right way" to edit a post for readability/formatting, and usage of the backtick character?

EDIT: Since a bunch of people are going tl;dr and wall-of-text, an example. Basically, is there anything "wrong" about the way I changed the readability of my answer from its original edition, "...
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4 votes
6 answers

Is the syntax highlighting for Code blocks useful on SF?

I know the syntax highlighting for code blocks is disabled on superuser. Do we want it disabled here as well? It seems to me that the large majority of the time a code block is used is for log ...
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1 answer

Putting Code in with a Numbered List

I've noticed some interesting behavior with the numbered lists. I have my first List Item Second List Item This one includes a little more detail Maybe a two line script Last part of my List. My ...
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http link not working correctly

Attempting to use the hyperlink button does not work in certain circumstances. THIS IS MY HYPERLINK The above text is actually a hyperlink, but does not appear as a hyperlink. It points to: http://...
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How to get <ip> to show in markdown without declaring as code?

How do I get <ip> to show up in markdown without declaring it as code?
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2 answers

Why isn't the quote button working correctly here?

I just tried to answer this ServerFault question and wanted to paste a quote from the homepage of Webmin, the software I was recommending. The exact text I wanted to quote was: Webmin is a web-based ...
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Markdown comparison view shows much bigger diff than there actually was

Click image to enlarge. Here, I deleted the last section, because all it was was a broken link. I also made minor edits to the first and second sections. However, the markdown diff shows me making ...
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