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Question about Migrated post that was closed

I am a moderator at Drupal answers, and migrated this question to SF a few days ago. I migrated it because it didn't really have anything to do with Drupal or Drupal configuration. It is essentially ...
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Should Server Fault be removed from Stack Overflow's migration list?

At the end of October, Shog9 said: If SO migrations are truly a problem, then you get removed as a migration target completely. No user migrations, period. as a response to this m.SO question ...
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7 answers

Where to ask complex but home network questions?

The new blog post on the SuperUser blog says that home networking questions should now be asked on SuperUser. But this has been bothering me: What about complex home networking questions? It may be ...
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Formally changing the #4 migration target

Whereas, the migration statistics as discovered in this meta post show a demonstrated and ongoing trend of mod-only migrations to, and Whereas, Webmasters has not resided in the ...
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What kind of database/DBA questions does the SF community want to keep?

It is likely that will be leaving beta in the near future. While the site has been in beta, questions have been migrated "only for exceptional circumstances", but that will ...
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Web Hosting Control Panel questions migration

I wanted to share that we got contacted back by Webmasters Stack Exchange for cPanel/WHC question that are off-topic there on ServerFault, that they will gladly accept them. I just wanted to share it ...
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Can we have better messaging for handling Web Hosting Control Panel questions?

In the comments for this meta question we noticed that the messaging around closing Web Hosting Control Panel questions is outdated. The current text is: Questions involving web hosting control ...
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Would asterisk questions be welcome here?

Is it ok if I vote to migrate asterisk questions from Super User to here?
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1 answer

The state of the #4 migration target

Over the last several months I've seen a trend in flag-reasons. Several of you are of the opinion that our #4 migration target should not be Webmasters, but either Unix & Linux or DBA. This is ...
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mod_rewrite/htaccess/etc. questions - migrate?

As was noted by sysadmin1138 in the Unprofessional Questions thread, we've been getting a lot of mod_rewrite questions as of late. Add to those all of the questions we get asked regularly about ...
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Why was my question migrated to Super User?

I'm not complaining or mad - just confused. The reason for Server Fault is "For System Administrators and Desktop Professionals - which I am." My question seemed to me to be related to a "desktop ...
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Suggestion: helping amateurs to get their way to SU / unix SE

As we can see for example here, a considerable part of the non-professional, or non-sysadmins are coming here only because they don't know, where is the exact place of their questions. They don't have ...
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