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Is the voting queued for later application to the rate currently being 1?

Is the the votes queued for later application to the rate with current score equal to 1? Are the new/coming votes accumulated for future accruing to suspended user? If the score is 1, is further ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Should users <3k flag to migrate?

Currently there are "only" 100 users with >3000 reputation, i.e. who can vote to migrate a question. Everyone else (over 15 anyway) can only flag what seem to be "obvious" migration questions (...
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Have we lost critical mass of 3000+ accounts?

Outside of when a moderators step in, I rarely see questions being closed due to receiving votes. Do we not have enough 3000+ rep people on the site or is the 5 vote limit for close too high? I'm ...
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Why was my question about a MySQL Server Instance configuration moved to Super User?

The question, as it was on ServerFault can be found here and the SuperUser version can be found here. It's clearly server related - I'm trying to establish a local database server for use in ...
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How to deal with Windows Home Server questions on Serverfault?

Should questions about Microsoft's Windows Home Server be closed on Serverfault or tolerated (until goes online)? I'm sitting on the fence, because they certainly "violate" the FAQ maxim ...
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