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-7 votes
1 answer

post put on hold, no feedback, edited it several times, made comments but no reply from mods for days, now closed im blocked from new questions

I think Ive corrected the problems and waited long enough, but with no feedback or replies from the initial mod its pretty frustrating and feels like he was just taking his angst out on me. This is ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Where do questions regarding labs for enterprise equipment & software belong if not SF?

So this is in regards to, which was closed because it was considered off topic. I had a chance to discuss this with EEAA, ...
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-10 votes
3 answers

Should questions be asked again in another board if one does not answer?

I have asked a question about Mail-servers in ServerFault How to correctly configure postfix and opendkim and let receiving server know all details mailed-by signed-by? and have also put a bounty on ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Overzealous Moderation - Thread wrongly put on hold My question appears to me to be: Concerning information technology systems ...
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-14 votes
2 answers

On hold for a valid question conforming to guidelines

Im certain that the answers of several of the "power members" of the community are not in a good light in this question I have asked, but they can edit their responses.
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