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Use for Meta Questions related to changing tags on existing questions (merge, manual changes, anything basically).

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Merge 500 and 500-error and rename

I see that we have a http-status-code-403 tag. It is quite clear what 403 is referring to in that tag name. We do not have a http-status-code-500 tag. Instead we have 500 and 500-error, which are ...
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Restructuring Atlassian tags

I just noticed that there is a tag atlassian which doesn't really servera purpose, since Atlassian isn't a single product, they produce a lot of products. There are tags for some products: fisheye: ...
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Tag Merge Requests: [request(s)] ---> [http-request]

These two tags: request (62 questions) and its twin requests (19 questions) have ambiguous meaning. It can means certificate request, HTTP request or perhaps my boss request. Almost all question ...
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HTTP result code tags

Thanks to Lucas Kauffman's wikitag activity I've noticed a number of HTTP return code tags like 404, 402, 302, 303, 500 and probably a whole number of others. They seem to be at least ambiguous to me, ...
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Rename tag [parse] to [parse-server]

The parse tag refers to Parse Server and I suggest to rename it to parse-server to make the tag consistent with the parse-server tag on StackOverflow prevent using the tag for parsing related ...
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