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Use for Meta Questions related to changing tags on existing questions (merge, manual changes, anything basically).

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Is [filter] about [filtering]?

Are filter and filtering the same thing? The former has the following tag except while the latter has none: Usually related with text filtering of some kind, like logs. This may also refer to email ...
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Tag Syn: Operating Systems

Synonym request: operating-systems -> operating-system
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Windows Deployment Service tag synonymous to WDS tag

Window Deployment Service is a technology include in Windows 2008 R2 for deployment microsoft operating systems using the LAN. It's often shortened as WDS. windows-deployment-services and wds are ...
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What happened to the apc tag?

A few months back I asked about a retag-request for the apc tag because of the confusion between the PHP APC opcode cache and APC meaning American Power Systems backup power supplies. I just noticed ...
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Tag synonym: [rt] -> [request-tracker]

Five questions have rt tag but actually they can be tagged as request-tracker too. Source:
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Tag synonym suggestion: [win] -> [windows]

I noticed we have a win tag. It is full of fail. All 4 questions under this tag appears to be from people trying to avoid RSI by not typing the whole word windows, so let's help these poor souls out ...
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merge or synonym lvm and lvm2 tags

Please can we merge or synonym the lvm and lvm2 tags? On Linux, LVM1 is now obsolete so all questions will be about LVM2 in any case, and LVM is the general concept across operating systems. https://...
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Ubuntu and ubuntu-10.04 tag synonyms

Wanted to create a synonym there but being a version synonym it's not possible for mortals. How are the policies about versions and softwares btw?
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Rename tag [parse] to [parse-server]

The parse tag refers to Parse Server and I suggest to rename it to parse-server to make the tag consistent with the parse-server tag on StackOverflow prevent using the tag for parsing related ...
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Raising the Tag Limit for Serverfault in Particular

I just ran into the 5 tags limit, asked a lot of questions and never thought to use that many tags before, but this time it would have been useful. So I would like a little higher tag limit myself. ...
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Let's patch up the [patch] tag!

I think the patch should be split into two tags: patch-panel and something to refer to patching a computer, perhaps software-patch would be a good name (I'm open to other options, though). Or, patch ...
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Proposal to merge Instances tag into instance

The instances tag seems to be a duplicate of instance. The proposal is to merge instances into instance and subsequently remove the instances tag.
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2 answers

Tags for specific software versions

What's the policy on tags for specific versions of a piece of software? For example, the php tag has the most use, but php4 and php5 are also being used, and there's even php5.3. Should any of these ...
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What is it called when you queue my bits?

So over on Unix and Linux we were chatting about how to tag questions related to traffic shaping. We thought we would check ServerFault for reference, but that led me to wonder just what exactly is ...
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Please silently tag rocky-linux

I just created rocky-linux and can see 16 questions searching rocky linux with only one noise result dated 2018. Given overall project support, I speculate this will increase, thus the tag. Can ...
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Can the tags x and x11 be merged?

x has 42 questions x11 has 60 questions Interestingly, just today someone added a tag wiki for x11; my personal thought would have been that x should be used despite it having fewer questions.
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Proposal for rename of tcp-offload-engine tag

The ServerFault stack exhange site has a tag named tcp-offload-engine: Practically all of the questions, however, are about partial forms ...
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Merge [rdp] into [remote-desktop]

There are 2 very similar (equal imo) tags: remote-desktop ×845 rdp ×522 Please merge and synonymize one into another.
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bind and bind9 tags

Can bind and bind9 tags be merged?
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Tag synonym: datacentre -> datacenter

"Two countries separated by a common language", indeed...
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Tag merge request for bigip

Please merge tags "bigip" and "f5-big-ip". I can't imagine a situation where they would refer to disparate topics.
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Tag Removal Request: cram-md5

cram-md5 was a worthless tag with 1 question. It is now a worthless tag with 0 questions. Please remove this tag.
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2 answers

Tag merge for switch and ethernet-switch

switch (396 questions) and ethernet-switch (16 questions) should be merged with switch being the primary.
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Tag synonym request

Please synonym virtualisation to virtualization.
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Synonym SBS-2008 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tag merge request for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server tags Looks to be a good synonym candidate. sbs-20xx seems to be the standard with all the other tags as well. ...
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Rename and add tag synonym for [tag:windows-subsystem-linux] like the remaining stackexchange sites

As the global maximum tag length has been increased to 35 characters, now the tag windows-subsystem-linux should be renamed to windows-subsystem-for-linux (or similar) and act as a synonym to the ...
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Merge [tag:copy] and [tag:copying]

The tags copy and copying seem synonymous. Let's merge them?
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SSL and TLS synonyms should be reversed

I tagged my question tls but it appears to be a synonym of ssl. Considering TLS is over 25 years old and has long since replaced SSL, I think that ssl should be a synonym of tls and not the other way ...
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Synonymizer badge not showing in my profile

I suggested a tag synonym several days ago which was accepted, but I haven't yet been awarded the Synonymizer badge. When will this badge appear in my profile? I thought it would have appeared by now.
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Merge [tag:hacking] into [tag:security]

hacking isn't substantively different from security in context, and it should be made a synonym. Shall it be done?
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Create [hostgator] tag?

I see there is a [dreamhost] tag. That's useful: I like to see what issues of [mediawiki] users are host-specific, because certain shared hosts can be quite painful. I notice there are 200 questions ...
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